Thursday, December 13, 2012

War is Heck

≖ Say, remember the War on Christmas that was such a big deal right up until 2008?  This was a war declared by Fox News, with books and variety shows and whatnot, the subtext being that if you didn't get out there and spend! spend! spend! you were hurting the economy and attacking Jesus.

For some mysterious reason, the network backed off right around the time George W. Bush left office, so that that War on Christmas became, as Jon Stewart mentions up there, a rote observance, devoid of all its original spiritual meaning.

As always, though, there are true believers.  This year, with his network sustaining heavy losses on the economic front, General Bill O'Reilly has concentrated his offense on the cultural front of this war, so now the whole thing is the fault of gays and abortionists.  So, you don't have to go out and spend so much (that might make Obama look good, after all).  Just hate people, like O'Reilly does.


Sunday, December 09, 2012

Hammer Time

≖ Resisting compulsory consumption extends to other holidays in our multitasking, multicultural modern world.  This "Reason for the Season" free e-card is a creation of our red velvet-clad Satanta, who explains:
As promised, here’s Judah Maccabee hammering Romans as a Chanukah e-card. Please copy and share and all that. ... Any “holiday” gifts more lavish than sharing bits are against my principles ...