Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Reason for the Season

20121119 bay-st-xmas-tree =v= Time for an anti-consumerist uprising where we seize the shopping carts and build a Yule tree out of them. Who's with me?

Sadly, this is not a photo of such an uprising.  This is the non-ironic Christmas tree on the town square at the main street, except of course both the square and street are privatized.  Basically it's a mall designed to sorta look like a neighborhood.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Justice at Walmart

I Pledge to Not Shop on Thanksgiving
=v= Walmart workers are striking on Friday, and I'm going to take a wild guess that Friday will start four hours early, on a day generally known as Thursday, or Thanksgiving, because that's when Walmart plans to open their doors for crazed mobs of shoppers.

Reason for the Season is a Facebook page for folks refusing to shop on Thanksgiving, which is laudable.  There are of course many pages, including this one, devoted to not shopping on Black Friday Buy Nothing Day (or not shopping at all).  This year, though, it seems especially important to support the Walmart workers, who are on the front lines of both the consumer frenzy and the race to the bottom.

Follow this link: Justice at Walmart to find information and events in support of Walmart strikers.  Events for justice are much better than wasting money buying stuff.  Enjoy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

And so it begins ...

Something stretchy would be better.
=v= Walmart hopes that Americans will overcome their Thanksgiving tryptophan torpor and come stand in line for an 8:00pm opening, four hours before Buy Nothing Day, which is to say, the official start of the Christmas Resistance Holiday Non-Shopping Season.

Wondering what to wear while standing in line after filling yourself with lunchtime holiday stuffing (gotta get there first, after all)?  Something to balance the practicalities of digestion with the dictates of fashion? The fine folks at People of Walmart have an awesome online apparel catalog to help you decide.