Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa's Cap

=v= I was fleeing a mob of rampaging Santas and ducked into a nearby upscale department store. There was ... something different about it. They were playing Creedence Clearwater Revival instead of Christmas Carols.

Apparently their gimmick this year is "Hippie Holidays," and there were peace signs everywhere (peace on Earth, man!), plus a tree that was festooned with VW Microbuses and, um, hallucinogenic mushroom ornaments. This reminded me of a rather loopy letter we got when we first put the Xmas Resistance on the web, arguing that Santa's red clothes had something to do with the Amanita muscaria. I guess that's one way to keep the economy afloat.

I didn't end up buying any Christmas presents, of course, even though the San Francisco Chronicle has argued that this particular establishment sells "environmentally conscious" gifts -- such as $15,000 nature-themed earrings!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.